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Completion Date:
November 2011


Emergency Drum Removal - Golovin, Alaska

ChemTrack was contacted by USCG on October 14, 2010 regarding a discovered fuel release from leaking drums on a beach southeast of Golovin, Alaska.

ChemTrack immediately contacted Mr. John Ebel (ADEC SPAR) to review the site background and to determine the ADEC spill response objectives. On October 15 ChemTrack submitted a work plan/sampling plan for ADEC approval. The work plan/ sampling plan were approved by Mr. Wes Ghormley on October 15.

ChemTrack mobilized equipment and personnel to Golovin on October 18. ChemTrack met with community and tribal organizations to procure local equipment, labor, boats, and housing. We hired a local boat with a captain and three qualified laborers as well as the loader from the tribal council.

ChemTrack personnel mobilized to the impacted beach and began hand excavation of the impacted soil. Leaking drums were containerized into DOT overpacks and hand excavated the impacted soil. Impacted soils were placed into 1 CY supersacks and loaded onto boats for transport back to Golovin. Field-screening and laboratory samples were supervised by and ADEC Qualified Person and collected from the excavation walls/floor and from the containerized soils.

Containerized contaminated soils were off-loaded and staged at the landfill in Golovin pending off-site disposal. ChemTrack prepared and submitted a detailed Project Summary Report which included a summary of field activities, sampling data with laboratory analytical data, site photographs, and field-notes.

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