"The corporate Health & Safety program includes extensive training for supervisors and employees."

Corporate and Site-Specific Safety and
Health / Quality Control:

Outstanding performance award received in 2005 from the U.S. ARMY Corps of Engineers - Alaska District.

ChemTrack Alaska, Inc. has developed a comprehensive Corporate Safety and Health Plan, which describes and outlines procedures and practices to provide safe working conditions, safe working practices and an effective accident and illness prevention program.

The corporate plan was developed in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations and requirements including OSHA 29 CFR 1910 and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Safety & Health Requirements Manual EM 385-1-1.  The corporate plan includes key elements for employee safety training programs, project hazard evaluation, hazard communication program, medical surveillance, employee training, use of personal protective equipment, respirator program, site control measures, emergency response and contingency procedures, accident reporting/record keeping and corrective actions. 

The corporate Health & Safety program includes extensive training for supervisors and employees, continuing education to maintain knowledge and additional training as new regulations are established, site specific conditions have changed and/or existing regulations are modified.

Quality Control is an integral part of the corporate Total Quality Management Program.  The object of the Quality Control Program is to ensure that the project activities are conducted in accordance with the project-specific contract specifications and that project activities/final project results are completed.

The QC program consists of QC training programs, development and implementation of project-specific quality assurance/quality control plans, utilization of a project specific Quality Control officer for each project, general and project-specific QC procedures and inspections for on-site activities, QC review checklists, and corrective action procedures.

ChemTrack’s QC training requirements require all of our project managers, superintendents, and quality control personnel to complete the Corps of Engineers Construction Quality Management Program.  The program presents established procedures and methods for developing a project-specific contractor quality control plan that provides the necessary supervision, control phases, and inspection procedures to ensure that all work is conducted in accordance with the contract requirements.  Completion of this COE program is required for all management personnel.

A Quality Assurance/Quality Control plan is prepared for each project.  The plan describes the purpose of the plan, QC policies, personnel qualifications and project organization, QA/QC procedures for inspection and activity assessment, record keeping requirements, testing/site monitoring procedures, definable features of work and corrective action forms and procedures.

For each project a Quality Control manager will be identified. Additional Quality Control personnel will be identified and utilized as necessary depending on the scope of the project.  The QC personnel will coordinate with the project manager to assess contract compliance and to initiate corrective actions if indicated to ensure that the definable work features are completed.

A project Quality Control review includes pre-work planning and inspection, periodic inspection of project activities during work activities (including subcontractors), preparation of project field inspection/site monitoring reports, and coordination with Government contracting representatives and final Quality Control project inspection.

The QC manager will be responsible for preparation of QC reports.  These reports can vary depending on the scope of work and contract specifications for each project.  Typical QC reports can include Subcontractor QC reports, trip reports, daily inspection and monitoring reports and test report data.

Chemical Data Quality Management:

An important component of environmental assessment & remediation projects includes the collection procedures, and analysis of environmental samples to obtain accurate and valid data that meets the data quality objectives for that project.  All data obtained during environmental assessments and remediation projects are subject to a chemical data quality management review.

Chemical data quality management consists of a comprehensive review of data collection procedures, sample handling and management procedures, laboratory quality control assessment, calibration data, sample holding times, laboratory control samples, matrix spike and matrix spike duplicate data, data validation, and evaluation of data acceptability.  For each group of analytical samples the laboratory will provide a comprehensive analytical data package, which includes internal QC assessments and details of any deviations from QC control standards and a written description of corrective actions.

The QC review/environmental chemist conducts a final review of all information and data to determine if the analytical data is accurate, precise, representative and meets the project data quality objectives.

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