ChemTrack Alaska, Inc

FSS: 899
SIN: 899-1, 899-5 & 899-8

GSA schedules are the future of simplifying and cost savings procurement for federal customers. Using the GSA schedule contractor eliminates the need for long and expensive proposal and contracting process.

ChemTrack is GSA prequalified Alaskan Woman Owned Small Business and Environmental Engineering Company. We are pleased to present the following qualifications.

ChemTrack combines geological, chemical, hydrological, engineering and construction expertise with a broad understanding of regulatory and risk frameworks to solve environmental assessment and regulatory compliance problems for our clients. We tailor innovative methods and concepts to individual problems and provide environmental and construction solutions, especially as they apply to arctic and subarctic conditions in Alaska.


Environmental Capabilities:

  • Spill Response Action Contracting

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Pipeline Pigging and Inerting

  • Permitting

  • Pilot Projects

  • Remedial Investigations

  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

  • NEPA Documentation-Archeological Studies

  • Certified Underground Storage Tank Removal

  • Unexploded Ordnance Management (UXO)

  • Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal

  • Soil Washing/Flushing/Soil Volume Reduction

  • In-Situ Soil & Groundwater Oxidation of Chlorinated Solvents

  • In-Situ Heavy Metal Lead Stabilization – RCRA Waste Treatment

  • Asbestos and Lead Surveying

  • Demolition of Buildings and Debris Removal

  • HazMat Field Testing

  • BEARS-Biosurfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation System

  • Drilling Waste Stabilization/Remediation




The following agencies and organizations can use ChemTrack’s GSA Schedule:

  • All military and civilian federal agencies
  • All executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government
  • Government contractors authorized by a federal agency pursuant to 48 CFR 51.1



Ordering Address:

ChemTrack Alaska, Inc.
11711 South Gambell Street
Anchorage, AK 99507

Point of Contact:
Carrie Lindow
(907) 349-2511 x1

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Q: Why is using a GSA Schedule contractor better than purchasing on the open market?

A: GSA has already deemed the prices to be fair and reasonable. All schedule contracts have been awarded in compliance with all federal laws and regulations. Administrative and ordering time is reduced and simplified.

Q: Can any federal agency use the contract?

A: Yes. Government Management and Operations (M & O) contractors may also use this contract.

Q: How quickly can I procure services?

A: Services can normally be procured within 30 days. Expedited services, however, can be accomplished as quickly as within 24 hours.

Q: Do I need to involve a contracting office or officer to obtain the services of a GSA Schedule contractor?

A: Yes. It is the customer’s discretion, however, as to which contracting office or officer to use.

Q: If an ordering agency already has an ID/IQ contract for similar type services, is it required to use that contract or can it still use the GSA contract?

A: It is the ordering agency’s choice.

Q: What control of my project do I retain when using a GSA Schedule contractor?

A: You retain all control over the project. You deal directly with ChemTrack.

Q: Can I be assured that the services I need will always be available?

A: The schedule contract period is five (5) years with three (3) additional 5-year options for a total of 20 years. ChemTrack is in its 7th year of holding a GSA Schedule.

Q: What fee will GSA charge my project for administering the contract?

A: GSA currently charges a 0.75% industrial funding fee, which is included in the GSA-approved rates.

Q: What are the advantages of using the GSA Schedule?

  • Best Value: GSA Schedule holders have demonstrated the combined attributes of quality, price and performance. GSA Schedule orders with ChemTrack count toward small business goals.
  • Ease of Award: the GSA’s Federal Supply Schedule Program makes it easier for federal customers to procure ChemTrack’s services. Because the procurement process is streamlined -that is, capabilities have been reviewed, rates have been negotiated, and prequalification is complete – a federal customer can place an order directly with ChemTrack.
  • Fair and Reasonable Prices: Under the program, GSA has entered into a contract with ChemTrack, to provide products and services to any agency of the federal government. The prices have been determined to be fair-and-reasonable by the GSA.
  • Direct Relationship: Finally, the relationship between ChemTrack and the customer is a direct one; therefore, the customer need not transfer funds to GSA. SOLE



Q: Can an ordering federal agency award a task to a sole source?

A: Yes, if there is a sole source justification, the ordering federal agency can award the work directly as a sole source to a GSA Schedule contractor.

Examples of typical sole source justifications are:

  1. Previous work at the site
  2. Continuation of an effort
  3. Unique expertise


In Anchorage call (907) 349-2511 or toll free 1-800-770-2512 FAX (907) 522-3150
11711 South Gambell Street • Anchorage, AK 99515 • email